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Interaction Design

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Tracey Shaw

Ben Ng

Project Overview

While working at Habanero Consulting Group I was assigned to be the lead visual designer of the CoreShack Project. This project was an intranet re-design for a local Geological Engineering firm. My role required me to conduct scrapbooking presentations, create an intranet logo, and create visual mock ups. I worked closely with the client in order to achieve a desired visual treatment that reflected the fun, friendly and outdoorsy nature of the company.


Before starting the visual design of CoreShack I had several meetings with the client in order to understand their vision for the project. I wanted to get an understanding for the company culture and understand the Geological Engineering work field. This required a brand study and a scrapbooking presentation that distinguished what stylistic elements the client wanted to see.

After the scrapbooking presentation I was able to move onto sketching and creating visual mock ups in photoshop. I focused on creating mock ups that would demonstrate all of the different styling the intranet would have. This included showing how text hierarchy would look as well as image rotators.


This was the first project I was designated the lead Visual Designer role and it allowed me to interact directly with the client. Although this was not the smoothest process at times, it helped me overcome fears of talking to people in a superior position to me.

Because intranets are not public facing, they afford for the company to be more playful with their branding. I was able to create a more inviting playful feel by using hand drawn fonts and off axis photos.