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Role: Web Developer & Project Manager

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Luxury Real Estate

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Project Overview

The Four Seasons Costa Palmas site was a joint effort between B3 Communications and Resonance Consulting. My role for the project was to develop a vanity landing site based on designs provided by Resonance Consulting. Utilizing time and resource management I was able to coordinate between the two firms and deliver a polished, responsive vanity site.

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Process and Approach

The biggest hurdle to overcome with this project was coordinating between the two design firms. Resonance Consulting was hired to provide the site design and B3 Communications was hired to develop the site. Due to tight deadlines, the first design to be approved was a wireframe. I decided to compress the schedule by starting development in tandem with design. By creating a fully content managed Wordpress theme, I was able to create a skeleton in which the final design elements and images could easily be inserted.

Because this was a vanity site I wanted to make sure the site looked amazing on all browsers and devices. I made use of Wordpress's image resizing scripts to create responsive and retina images. By utilizing padding top percentages I was able to create background images that retained their aspect ratios. This afforded for images to stay crystal clear as the site scaled as well as tricking the browser to only load the image size that was needed.

Content Managed Wordpress

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