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SFU Improv

Graphic Design

Role: Visual Designer

Project Type:

Graphic Design



Brand Direction

Monthly Posters



Stephen Kean

Project Overview

I worked with the SFU Improv Team as a freelance graphic designer creating posters for upcoming shows. The organizers wanted to create more of a brand identity for the team. I was asked to create a new logo and posters for each monthly show. Keeping in mind the playful and sometimes vulgar nature of improv I created a brand identity that is friendly and playful.

Process And Approach

When designing the new logo for the SFU Improv Team, I wanted it to reflect the fun, quirky randomness of improv. I did this by creating a hand drawn logo that appears to be cut out of brightly coloured pieces of construction paper. Because improv is about being quick on your feet, I wanted the logo to feel as if it was quickly thrown together.

I wanted to use the logo design as a guideline for creating a brand identity. I did this by utilizing cut out hand drawn graphics and bright colours. My process for creating the posters started with me hand drawing the layout then scanning them into the computer. Once the image was on the computer I would block out the shapes in Photoshop. In order to create the cut out effect I applied a construction paper texture and drop shadows to every element.


Successful implementation of the brand identity resulted in great comments from team and audience members and an increased attendance at shows. Due to the increased audience numbers the SFU Improv team was awarded a biweekly show called Funny Mondays at the SFU Highland Pub.