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Devin O'rourke

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The 2016 model year introduced new branding standards that utilized shallow angles to break up content. Using CSS3 and HTML5 I was able to emulate these angles and use them to create vertical content dividers. Implementing the new standards allowed me to strengthen Norco's brand identity by unifying all print and digital marketing materials. The new design for Norco 2016 utilizes an open scroll friendly layout that provides the website with a more premium look and feel.

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Earlier in the year Norco launched the Norco 2015 Aurum microsite. The Aurum site was a huge success and contributed to Norco's new brand standards. This styling allowed us to break content up in to horizontal sections which provided better flexibility when dynamically adding content from MySQL databases. The bike page is a great example of this flexibility. Different bikes poses different content based on their category and the number of assets attached to the bike. The horizontal sections were designed to seamlessly fit together and can be added or removed without disrupting the flow of the page.


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The redesign of 2016 was a unification across all Norco's branding and marketing materials. Learning from the success of the Aurum microsite we were able to create a clean open design that promoted flexible content organization. By unifying the design all of Norco's marketing materials were able to strength the brand as well as the overall consistency of the websites. The redesign was a hit throughout Norco and also sparked great feedback from other companies in the bike industry.